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Postmedia News August 14, 2011 -  Governor General urges lawyers to rebuild public trust
Forceful governor general tells lawyers, ‘Heal thyself’
In stinging rebuke, Johnston says it’s time legal profession regains sight of justice, public good
“But if they don’t innovate, change will be forced upon them.”

"They Get It - Finally" - donwesley1933 
Now heal the poor Victims they cruelly destroyed!

The following was ...
(Originally Composed December 2010 by Don Wesley)

INN - Justice is here to raise awareness; to have the aware and "can do" individuals of our nation tell our government "enough."
 "I am a victim of a divorce motion and have lost all my wealth. I am in my 78th year and should never have been "thrown" into this devastating life; but here I am to tell my true story, just like other family stories, exactly the same."
"We are being thrown out every single court day.
From Home to Homelessness!"
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
The Break-down of families is a national social Crisis.
We will use all Knowledge Powers to keep these memories alive forever.
This Blog Site INN-Justice will share these memory thoughts with you the reader."
by Donald John Wesley (1933 - ????)
  1. I raised 3 boys together with my wife in a home, that I bought in 1969, and nurtured it's growth around us, to cradle us to our natural ends. My home was paid for and without debt.
  2.  Now safe in another home, with my wealth, my wife shows no conscience or remorse.
  3.  "The courts paid her to Divorce him."
  4. Is fraud involved? I believe there is, because evidence shows me there is.
  5. "There are thousands of victims like him who did nothing wilfully wrong."
  6. An RCMP officer told me that he sees this happen; cyclically/daily and is powerless to do anything about it; seeing families devastated. He is one of many officers who have told me so.
  7. "It is a systemic process of injustice."
  8.  I continue to love my wife although she made a very bad decision "alone." It is an insane decision! It was not a family decision; as one unit, with Father being consulted.
  9. The abuse is devastating and it has been more than two years of pure hell on earth.
  10. I have kept careful digital records of the Court processes and have written many essays over the two years.These records reveal the miss-doings as well as showing that:"Court processes are given precedence over people."
  11.  More detailed explanations are to be found in the archives tab in this page. The essays are factual, and objective, expressing sorrow, frustration, pain, and apathy.
  12. The Knowledge accumulated during this time is more than enough to challenge those who did wrong.
  13. Knowledge is the best of the three recognized Power types: The other two are the Gun (the court and its police) and money. The time used by the Judges isn’t more than hour or two, but the consequences flowing from them have delivered our wealth, into other hands. I along with too many other victims have been abused by our own courts. This is reality and it is happening now.
  14.  See the following few articles all ready posted in this web site. Our memories of the injustice we have to endure will never leave us. We the victims are poisoned for our remaining days on earth.
  15. The building blocks of each story will be assembled (Essay block by Essay block) according to its own architect, a "Victim."
  16. "Pathological individuals" within the government and the courts across our nation are responsible for making us "victims."
  17. Officers of the law have come forward to declare these truths. I also am an Officer of the Crown (1952)
  18. "INN - Justice" is here to raise public awareness; to have the aware and "can do" individuals of our nation tell our government "enough."
I Now Need - Justice. = INNJUSTICE

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