Monday, November 24

The Future is friendly. Tear down this wall that keeps us stuck in the mud

The Future is friendly. Tear down this wall that keeps us stuck... in the mud to the Present (point) on our Time line vector(s).

Hi and welcome in. My name is Don and this my diary/blog.
The thoughts that get delivered to my conscious mind; come from God and not me.

I can’t reason them into being. They just come to me via my intuition... I believe. The thoughts this evening/morning have a bit of history in them. Here they are; I just type them in, like “Akiane” paints and writes poetry. 

“Tear down the walls that keep us apart. The wall to the future is friendly.
Mathematics takes you where you want to go.

Intuition takes you where you need to go. Get out of the mud you are caught-up in and
Open the “gates” to the future. Sneeze 10 times; to clear your mind.
The old ideas are dead; let the future in.”
The President of the "united" States of America, told the leader of the Soviet Union, to tear down the cement wall. [years ago]
I'm saying that God wants to tear down the mental wall, that keeps us glued on a Time Line that never seems to change. It is a boring time line.
He, God wants us to select a Time Line vector change... towards the gates of heavenly Islands; here on earth.
The Vatican is not the final world court we need to appeal to.

God is calling us to attention; and being ready to think and move forward.
Bring buckets of love, to put out the fires that hot tongues start.