Tuesday, December 30

We are here to Care - Prepare to work - Use Energy, Knowledge and Wisdom

 We all need to care
and not just until the end of one of
our many shifts.
On the next shift, you may be our Chaplin

 Be fully aware of what we have, that needs care.

Where is it ?
What work needs to be done ?
How perfect must it be ?
What does Care mean ?
How long must I care ?

Hi and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Don Wesley.
I am 81.  

Remember, that your last life ended and this is your new one ! There is new work to be done.

Love everyone and they will love you.

Welcome to the Team.

This post
December 30, 2014,
is my nights work.
Don Wesley.

*  We elect someone to provide care and we must care about who we elected
*   Not to care, isn't fair. Bring love to them; they need the energy.
*  Their work is very heavy and they must do what is best for us.
*  They must be Prudent and work with 100% kindness
*  There is much to learn about the process of doing care work
*  Always be kind and remember there are degrees of kindness
*  Your caring work can be seen by others
*  Bring the energy you receive to do your work 
*  Be 100% Kind and don't rush thru the work needed
*  All energy is called love.
*  It comes from the Electric Sun
*  The Sun is cold
*  Knowledge, members need to be confident is provided.
*  You can't do your job if you know-not...
*  Who and what is it for.
*  If one of the team is ignored he/she will feel hurt.
*  They too, grieve love loss; Even anticipating loss
*  Real or imaginary loss, hurts them
*  Their need is work for another brother or sister.
*  And someone must provide it ... with Love

*  They, the ignored can use-up their patience love
*  Their un-used energy can used for nasty behaviors.
*  If ignored too long they may get pissed off
*  Enough to kill.
*  Kindness
*  Awareness
*  Good is not good enough
*  We must do the work!
*  Must, is not ought-to
*  Make this your Virtue ?
^ Get rid of all the bad Habits you have -Vice
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