Friday, November 28

Most every one will admit, that they are good....

This is a true story

However, we don’t seem to be running a good world.
Measuring the goodness of a person is interesting to talk about.

A friend, who owned and managed a machine shop, supplied parts for the military.
His lathes made Special steel bullets that had to be very accurate to within 1 measure per 1000 of an inch. He met this requirement for years.

Then he was asked if he could meet "new" requirements for bigger shells that could be accurate within 1 per 10,000. He bought new machines that could meet this specification, and supplied his first order. He knew the measurements were very accurate. His work failed. Steel when measured at 70 degrees [temperature] is larger when at 80 degrees.
Measuring the goodness of a person is even more difficult.
So don’t be surprised when some one says “You are a very good person, but not good enough.”
To be a good Human requires getting better every day.

How do we measure human behavior.
To enjoy life, keep growing better every day. I wish you a happy birthday, once each year. Be Good for God's work.