Saturday, January 17

All should begin and end with Kindness

Hi... Welcome back. This is very precious email for me. It reveals how I was feeling just a few years ago. It is now January 2015 and still see no Justice arriving. My feelings today are.... why does God want me to live!

Hi Vic, old pal. - January 22, 2013. 10:25 AM

I am sharing this email, with my friends Erhard, Roger and Monique, because it is a special day.

I just awaken. I slept very well, and all my day’s meals were simple and good as they always are. Two at Tim Horton’s and one at Erhards’ and the last meal with Peter.

It has been an unreal and beautiful night of thinking, and driving and interacting with Peter his wife, and the former Owners, of Peter’s new farm, the Clements.
I love to drive alone at night and view the sky above. Just an hour there and back; I on the highway by my self.
Peter wanted me to stay over night, but I thought it wise to get back to 61 College. My meal and conversation with Peter and Preca, was so very pleasant. My relationship with Peter, makes me want to run to him. He greats me with happiness and all his talk makes splendid simple sense. I listen with great care to what he has to say.

I returned happy, and feel so very good and young. I thank God I have a family of friends who care about me.

Steve Annabelle's dogs, also reacted to me with remarkable care. By that I mean very differently and what others didn’t fail to see, as remarkable.
In medical the sense, “unremarkable” means no sign of any sickness.
In the non-medical sense, remarkable means something very special.
So, how we use a word, depends upon the situation.
Most all biblical wisdom applies differently according to the situation at that place and time in a story.  Use of words is powerful.

The devils accusers, always confuse by mis-describing.
I do wisely fear, about how others may mis-describe people.

Yesterday before I left Erhard’s place in Williamsburg, his Dog, was according to him taking care of me. It is according Erhard remarkable to see. All dogs seem very content to sit on or by my side. When I was with Ivan, on his brothers farm where the guard dogs are vicious; the brothers also found it remarkable, that the dogs, seemed to approach me with Kindness. I don’t fear dogs and they seem to sense it. I love them.

And remember Nicky my Dog, who died next to me, as I held his paw, with one hand, and my other hand on his chest, I felt his last breath. He was on the seat in my PT Cruiser; he had been poisoned. How cruel!

And of course you know that I see remarkable kindness in the visible attitude of your grandson, who you call little T. I enclose a link to his picture which you sent me, revealing his caring kindness.
“The Look of Kindness in action - Feel the Difference – Cruelty”

It all reminds me of Dogs in the “manger” at Christmas when Jesus was born.
When I was young [7], a Mother called me “A dog in the manger!” To offset her cruel remark, I realize that dog, spelled backward is God, your best friend you can count when in trouble.

Love to you and Maureen