Friday, January 30

Don Wesley 1933, a victim of Elder Abuse for 1314 days, in Canada.

It is 2015 January 31 -Up-dated September 23 ~ 2016

This is my young friend who is,
Like the kind Son
I never had.

And I'm still waiting.

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Don Wesley, a victim of Elder Abuse for 1314 days, without Justice from the Courts of Canada. August 15, 2012. He too will never forget the Injustice for himself and tens of thousands of other Elders.

Network for the prevention of Elder Abuse.

John Franken, Dutch-born Canadian and survivor of 1,288 days as a wartime slave of Japan, is still wounded in that he can’t forgive. The reason for that, he says, is that he can’t forget.

“As long as I live I can serve as a reminder that everybody, including nations, has to be accountable.”