Saturday, January 24

Violence, the Domestic Type. Bring more Hope to our older people in Crisis

"Violence in My Family Home"

I, Don Wesley, am a victim of Domestic Violence.
I'm 81 and was born on the 17th day of April in the year of 1933.

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It was Easter Monday.
Just before Christmas of  2104... the TV Program "48 Hours" revealed that Jesus was born April 17....  6 B.C.
A young Mother I was talking to said... "That's Amazing."
This was at a local garage in Winchester. Ontario, Canada.
I was waiting while they completed a tiny repair on my "Sleep-In Car"
Now, back to the power of violence; where does this power come from?
My two sons Steven and Michael got the power to steal my Home and all my belongings from Our Canada Court system. This was in 2009 July 13.