Friday, February 20

 No OPP Constables Available - Just me Alone  February 20 at 11:53  AM

This was taken in 2007 when I was content with my life and retired.

For most of the Silent Generation, I'm too kind.

RCMP Surveillance ?

I took this picture
on my computer...
Just 5 minutes ago

An update at 08:05AM February 19, 2015.
I had a conversation with a military couple while waiting in the Emergency rooms at the Winchester Hospital, 03:27. They being strictly like me said "it is imperative to do the paperwork to reveal the mistakes in OPP Collision Reports." So my simple moral correction is here.  ***********************************************************************
Yesterday the 17th I received the Collision Report, delivered to me in the late afternoon. I was asleep and heard a knock which woke me up.
The delivery also included a Court SUMMONS.
(Preface) I write this in the context of the reasoning behind my whole Blog, which is about the Injustice I received since 2009.
I know that PTS Injuries are part of my History. My Doctor gave me His opinion in writing. Two Collisions in my life - One in 1952
and One in 2015 at approximately 01:00 [past midnight]. I have also suffered other injuries which also trigger PTS Injuries. To have a better understanding of what the causes and symptoms are, I have included the 9 minute video lesson. It is imperative that you know what this lesson teaches us. Without this knowledge you are very likely to miss-understand this my Blog Journal, about Injustice.
And miss-perceive and cause someone to write, two False Police Documents.
(1) The police document indicated the Collision was on Sunday the 15th, at 11:30PM Close to Midnight.
Since the police were not there; nor had they spoken to me, I know when and where it  did happened, and it does correspond to their
 Motor Vehicle Collision Report # 15037063, delivered to me in the afternoon of Monday the 16th of February. I was told that the driver who left the accident has been charged with leaving the scene of the accident.

(2) I left my home after 12:50am to drive for my evening meal, at Tim Hortons, as is my custom
The Collision I was in happened Monday the 16th. About 1:00 AM, or a little later,   See my email below, sent by me from my Home at  2/17/15  

I reported the accident by 911 at 2:01AM and they had no OPP Constables available to come to Hortons. I was told that another accident was reported for the same location, an hour earlier.
I had just arrived from my real accident scene.
[Described below.]
Sargent Sylvain Laducer -Badge 9122, called me to say the other 2 units where busy elsewhere,

I was called in the afternoon and told they had found the driver who left the scene of this accident. The Constable who called, asked me to come to his office and provide information. I agreed to do so at 2:00PM on the 17th.
He told me it was not a plot to murder me!
For me, It came close to killing, and not a accident.

(3) I'm usually sleeping at this time and not experiencing PTS injuries.
I signed my report at the 2:00PM appointment, at the police station on the 17th. And also turned over to the Constable, parts I picked up at south side of Highway 43. She noticed that these parts were from a Chevrolet vehicle. One small intact part, I identified seemed to be from my car. It was in the center of 43 on a path turning off 43 to enter Chesterville

(4) I`m saying, the Collision Report and the Summons are errors or False.
These OPP guys are great and maybe overworked or in my case just tricked by the guy who left the "Collision "scene.
However, to protect myself from more distress than a head-ache, I will politely ask them to withdraw the summons and correct the accident report.

(5) Added 01:42 AM ... I have a continuous headache & dehydrated. I'm going eat at Tim Hortons and to Winchester Hospital for a head x-ray.
(6)  Added 8:27 AM 2/1915.... I went to eat and then to Winchester Hospital to have two doctors do a work-up to see whether some damage occurred because of rear-end auto collision.
See notes at the bottom of this page.

This Blog is my only personal Journal and part biography.
They need our help also.


I wrote the following on the 16th and 17th....
I had to just to get some relief for myself.

The time now is 10:04PM and I really feel upset by what I've seen happen to me since the accident. And I'm super sensitive to seeing common sense not used. And I can't afford the money for a fine I may get and going to Court; it does make me sick. I have been a victim of Traumatic Shock many times in my life. I do suffer at times with symptoms of these man-made injuries.

I didn't fail to yield, at the intersection. I'm person of habit and I do look both ways and if I see cars with lights-on, even 1 kilometer I always wait. At night when there is almost no traffic... is when I do travel. At night is when I do my very best work and drive prudently; not like some fool speeding away at more that 120. Just going to court in the morning is when day ends and I begin sleeping, is very hard for to do. And driving in the heavy morning traffic and having to defend myself is cruel.

The time and date now is February 17, 2015. 5:45PM.
I admire.... all the Police Constables of the OPP.
They were all extremely busy this night and they did all they could do; I'm told they were seeking a suspect.

I only want a Peaceful life with God's richest blessings.

(a) to (q)

(a) I'm sitting at my computer at 61 College Street.

(b) Just a few minutes ago, an OPP Constable was at my door to tell me that the driver of the vehicle that rear ended me, has been charged....
with leaving the scene of an Collision . He talked to me with a soft determined voice and said "just listen"; so I did listen. I immediately felt abused by his overwhelming power. I was hoping for some common sense. Like Maybe I failed to yield?

I know I did yield to lights I Could see and even car without lights 100 feet away.... there was no car period. There was one coming out Chesterville I believe, approaching to turn right on 43; did he yield?

(c) I have been charged with Failing to yield to traffic on through Highway.

...... I'm not guilty period and I was in my home and not on Highway 43. I was on the Highway around 1:00AM, and there were no vehicles to yield to.

(d) The constable said he made this decision based upon the statement I made earlier this afternoon. This is hard for me to believe, how he found evidence in my statement?

(e) The statement I made was, there was no traffic to yield to; and I was hit on 43 approximately 100 to 200 meters past the intersection, where there is a passing lane. I also said my accelerating speed was nearing 60-70 kilometers per hour. There was no car with lights-on behind me. I entered 43 from Queen Street and not Smith Road.

(f) My immediate uncontrollable reaction was shit in my pants. This reaction is what happens if one has PTSD. This really happened to before the Sargent left the home I live in. More mess to clean up.

(g) I also made known to the Constable, at the OPP Depot, the Theft conspiracy which has yet to reach a Judge - it occurred in Canada across provincial borders in 2009. A traffic ticket gets immediate action. These remarks were just some conversation not related to the accident.


Please listen to the lesson, which explains how cruel and abusive accidents can be. An accident I had no choice to avoid.
It is very important to understand my integrity that you view the fallowing 9 minute video.
12:30PM Feb 17.

(h) 2 hours ago after my daily meal, at Tim Hortons at 1:00 AM - My usual meal time. February 17, I revisited the auto parts I picked up at two of three accident scenes. I arrived and came up with another explanation.

February 16, 2015

(i) My PT Cruiser was hit at Highway 43 and Queen Street intersection because I found two small parts there, from my car... How did they get there; it puzzled me?

(j) To me. I was I hit once again 0.1 kilometers [100-200 meters] west of the intersection, on 43, seconds later. Where the really violent-Collision occurred, that snapped my head back and it did hurt me. We stopped together immediately approximately a little more than 100 to 200 meters past the intersection and said how are you and then why did enter onto 43 at 20 kilos per hour! I was doing around 60 when he hit my car, he had the time to pass me if he was watching and not talking on a phone or something else.

I discussed with my friend Denis, who took his eyes off the road for a second or two and smashed into a car that had to stop. This happened last year at Hortons in Morrisburgh.  I believe the vehicle that caused the Collision entered 43 as I did [from Queen Street] following me and became distracted as my friend did and in a few second hit me. My friend was totally responsible for the Collision  he caused.
I can't Yield to a car behind me.

At Tim Hortons I did fall to floor; I think I tripped. [There are two witnesses who serve me there]
The violent smash is the only Hit I consciously remember... The drivers sudden bright lights suddenly appeared in my rear view mirror; it was like the hit I experienced in 1952, where the vehicle with bright lights on, hit and projected me over my car where I landed on my head. I was 19 and had just become a military Officer in the Signal Corps of Canada.]

(k) Was the driver who hit my PT Cruiser on Highway 43, experiencing road rage at the intersection and did he race after me and the second accident occurred - Man made injury, is cruel. Was he drunk with his lights off; or just in a rage and why did he run away?

(l) What happened next to McEwen in Chesterville within the same hour is also abit of mystery? It is only 500 meters from the Hotel Bar.

(m) No OPP Constables were available for the accident I reported to 911 Monday 01:03 AM; so who is revealing all the truth?  

While driving on Highway 43 towards Winchester..... for my late evening supper.... a speeding driver "hit the rear-end" of my PT Cruiser 2008 (Black). Too hard for my comfort.

No OPP constables were near nor free to visit the scene. They received my information from me via Phone.

Only me .... Don Wesley, April 17 - Easter Monday 1933.

This date has a special synchronicity to it.
Jesus was born April 17.... 6 BC.
Maybe Jesus is here now and ready to bring justice to this troubled world.
I'm just here to write for my little tiny INN?

When returning from Tim Hortons and coming through Chesterville, I noticed that a "Stop Sign" had been struck by what appeared to be a much larger Auto. See this picture I took.

I returned to where a car rear-ended me on 43. I measured and the distance was approximately 0.1 kilometers. I found no pieces of cars at this point; just clumps of small pieces of Snow. (Snow ball sizes).

I turned back to the intersection of 43 and Queen Street where I saw some non-snow debris. I parked my car and found 5 small pieces of a vehicle. Delighted, I picked them up and put them in my car. Then I drove back towards home when I noticed the smashed down "Stop Sign". Now my mind made a leap of intuition and told me return to the intersection at 43. I felt certain my accident was 0.1 kilometers from there. It seemed like two accidents happened between 00:05am and 1:45am?

I drove back to the intersection with my "high lights on" which revealed some black debris on the south side of the intersection, so I made a U-turn and parked and took pictures of this much bigger pieces of vehicle parts.

These parts are not from my PT Cruiser 2008. I picked all these parts and have them in PT.....

(m) The evidence seems to say.... two different accidents happened while most drivers were asleep. God's richest blessings I received last night.

I suspect, it was the driver that raced away from me at more than 120 kilometers per hour, who smashed into a Stop Sign and two cars. Why would that little cruel man not meet in Tim Hortons as we agreed. He did ask if I was alright. I trusted this diabolical young man who was between his late 40 and 60. Maybe 5'5". Wearing blue cotton genes. He had the nerve to say I was going too slow! Now you know, what diabolical means; and also the propensity to lie.

(n) What is Diabolical or Evil and Cruel Lesson

(o) Moral Wisdom Lesson

(p) False Summons - Cruel  -  See below 

(q)  False Accident Report  - Cruel  -  See below 

 *******************    2/17/15   *******************8


12:58 AM 2/19/15
Planning to go to the hospital My veins are soft
Very dehydrated and I have a light headache.
Name of Investigating Officer  =  BRODER, T
Badge Number - 9352
Time Officer Arrived or Police Service Reported to: DID N???????
SP 15037963 Vehicle Collision Report
Collision No>   2 I -15 -0023C

Time 23 : 30
1957 - 08 - 17
Reference Point  - SMITH ROAD
1:27 AM 2/19/15
6:41 AM 2/19/15 At Home 61 now arrived at 6:22 from Hospital.
Arrived at Hospital 4:47. Got Doctor Yang's work-up + Intern.
Left Hospital at 5:34 AM first try at gate
second try at 5:55 arrived Home at 6:22 AM  - 50 Kilo/hour
Lite snow very slippery roads and much traffic. No one tried to pass me.
Arrived at Tim Hortons 2:45 AM  - 60 Kilo/Hour all the way
6:54 AM 2/19/15


TELUS Microsoft Cell Call History.
8:41 AM 2/30/15.

Monday History as seen on my phone for Feb 17
00:30 Emergency call
00:40 Incoming 1613613328444000
00:49 Incoming 1613613328444000
00:59 Private Missed call
01:00 Voicemail Outgoing
01:02 Private Incoming
02:01 911 Emergency call
08:32 Missed call Denis Mallet
08:34 Outgoing call to Denis Mallet

Sunday History as seen on my phone for Feb 16
09:17 Incoming Denis Mallet

Saturday History as seen on my phone for Feb 15
19:50  Incoming Denis Mallet