Sunday, April 12

Our Patio...where we whispered to the animals in - my Indestructible spiritual Homeland

It was legitimate power that made me leave my home, in just a few minutes: a power that I could not fight. That power was employed by "witches" who for years, cut my strong image down and built up a paper statue of an evil man. For the lesson of witch crafting go here  -

[]  Take in the lesson above and return here.
They demeaned Jesus and killed Him: these witches use their skills every day and make thousands move out of their homelands. And we watch the news.  []   

 DEMEAN PEOPLE ? Never again demean anyone on this frangible Earth-Ship we live in [] 

A great reason to live for, is to convince others to love and not demean.
Love vs. Demean

This page-post, on the other hand  is the corner stone to my old past family story.  4/11/15
My Indestructible spiritual Home: the one I'm left with.

[]   Everything we collect and build-in with great reasoning is precious and kept in our collective electromagnetic minds.
Our minds broadcast and listen consciously and unconsciously; staying on until the Sun runs out of electric energy.
"In ancient times it was understood that there was a transcendent moral order outside the self
, built into the fabric of the universe. If you violated that metaphysical order there were consequences just as severe as if you violated the physical reality by placing your hand in a fire. The path of wisdom was to learn to live in conformity with this unyielding reality."  []

I've seen no evidence that this moral order has changed.

Denise took this picture of me back in 1965. On the Boat Cruiser I bought, with the big money I earned by creating mechanical things. Creating mechanical things is head work.
My education was military science and later on... interdisciplinary engineering. 

I still have the binoculars I used back then

On  the Rideau Canal system; from Ottawa to the St,Lawrence River.

We were alone on our 6 Ton Boat with two, 375 HP inboard Engines.

The fish I just caught was back the water seconds later. The water was clear and we could see the bottom: now it is covered in green from shore to shore.

Would I throw the fish in now!

I'll be 82 this month and poor as a church mouse. So I was born poor.... got rich, did good work building factories and employing good people.... had 3 boys.... taught what I did know to executives.... started to really know something's about God and have never stopped being amazed by him.
Oh yes... I kept Denise happy until I was 77, in 2008; when she left me on the day before Christmas. I saw her once in the Court in 2009.
These days I live in my mind and write about what arrives... hour by hour.... in there and outside it. Life outside the mind in temporary.... and goes from summer heat and to sub-zero freezing in the winter. Home meals are a the treat now; with all meals at Tim Hortons... ? It seems like everyone works and serves meals now. Where are the rich guys now: Separated from their wealth and wives and living in rooming houses.

Back in the better days can be read about here below me...
and at this tiny link - 

We buy a House and the property it is on: Where ,we grow our Family Home.
It was peaceful here... and it took years to create
From 1968 until 2008. - 50 years!
It was rationally planned
And this picture
should serve us well here.....
When you get to know what went into
 his human process of creation.
Growing happiness and contentment here.
An Island, some would call it  - A Heaven here on Earth.
Don had a dream when he bought this property for his family...
The Family, blessed by God
Was created 11 April 1964.
Never ever sell this property....
Until all their offspring's into the whole of future,
Agree they no longer want or need it.
A Solemn Contract it was meant by Don, to be.
Don Wesley 1933 - 20??
Every detail you can see above....
Has a story of creation behind it.
A story these parents of God,
Designed for him.
One item... the parents...  Don and Denise Wesley

Don took this picture and cropped-it in 2008.
Don, didn't know that God himself planned to use it
In this blog - The INN of Injustice.
I now need justice to be created [INN]
Denise and Don Wesley... rational parents...
With a surplus of empathy for all.
Find and list the details, all. 1,2,3,4 ,,,,,,,,, over 100, not counting
the memories of Don and Denise.

The reasoning why Don-Denise did what they decided and what they did do.
Designing and building things to give people
Happiness and contentment.
It took compromise at times.
Sometimes I just built the containers for "Her" plants.
We did what needed to grow "contentment and happiness for everyone"
In other words... to grow wide and deep awareness with precious caring mixed in.
It is called Love.... a promise not an emotion.
The feelings will evolve in those who see this Island.
Who sits somewhere in this garden of heaven, in our back-yard.
Denise and Don could enjoy their visiting
Visitors were delighted how they were served
In this planned island of Heaven
Designing... building, manufacturing, planting and purchasing.
One coffee table made of California Red Wood [heart wood]
And unseen Red wood [none decaying] furniture was also there in other
Comfort zones of this garden - The comfort of the Holy Spirit.
The water cup for our dogs, who gave us comfort
Nelly for Denise and
Nicky for Don
The raised patio blocks with 4 inch run-off for rain water.
And what we washed down with hose you can see.
The hundreds of growing plants
The out-door porch with the swinging bed
The night time lighting system
The path for driving the electric car we built for our grandchildren.
The dozens of out-door lounges and chairs
The intricate watering system and in ground pond
Where the bees worked in the autumn.
Where we allowed the rabbit nest
And the bird nest we gave a life time residence
The special fences
The trespasser alarm system
Every thing we did had a reason for being there.
We thought and discussed a lot and changed
how we reasoned and came to agreements of what we did do.
Until Christmas 2008, when Denise, my partner and soul-mate,
Left Home and never came back. An idea she planned for years,
And never discussed with me.

We knew each other so well; Nelly just posed for me.
Imagine your pet posing for you as you take their picture. She knew I was only Kind and never ever would hurt her.
Don Wesley .

It is 2014 now.... 50 years have past since we were married..
What happened and how do we explain [with detail] the reasoning she used?
This is a testimony by Don, 6 July 2014.

Alone, with God, in an Ontario - Room with no garden of his own.  
Half.... of one item
A married couple.
Before you read on ...
See the following....

A friend said yesterday,
he found my description above
"very beautiful."
And was moved enough,  to send me this
DNA Video Lesson