Sunday, June 21

Dyslexia and Perception - "We see God" - And God is real

Who builds more than you?
An Architect.

God is the Architect who designed all.
And Engineers of many types built what God designed, and continues to build, using Engineers who give paper instructions, to skilled Tradesmen.

Zoe knows whose lap she is sleeping on.

God designed You to think like Him.
Think beyond the Box you are trapped in; set yourself Free and get busy.
Everyday I collect ideas that interest me; for my many moods and other reasons.  Then on unexpected days I put a few toghter and a new story appears with this "different-context" that draws in other good minds. Everything grows organically.


Too many don't know that their dyslexia is a gift. We see so much more and take it all in; it takes more time: We learn more than fast learners.
Their run is short and our run is the 20 mile run!
Our school time is much shorter.

Einstein, was Dyslexic. 
Two years, college, is enough to learn everything they don't even hear about, while getting their Doctoral Degrees. ?
I've been told I'm kind and get more done and faster.

I had learned to read before I even went to school in Grade 3, in Montréal.
My parents left me with Books to read before they went to work. Nancy Drew Books was the first set of books. I broke those words into parts and talked  them out by sound -syllables. Like mechanical parts.
My Brother Doug, went off to WWII in the signal corps of  Canada. He left a book about radio communication at home where I could read it.
I had trouble with learning the Morse-code like SOS.
By the time he got back, I had built my first super-heterodyne radio.
When I reached high school (Montreal) I was selling and installing  

Tv-antennae's. I was driving my own car to school, just across from McGill university. I made $50.00 of profit; for each TV-antennae and I gave $5.00 to a fellow student who helped me to install it. I didn't think I was smart, until I was years older. The older people who hired me to do small jobs: they thought I was a smart fast kid, and did work for almost nothing; they saved money and I ate good food, my parents could not afford.
In upper Westmount they got me to mind their children while they went out for the evening:  I was clean and kind to their children; who had to obey my orders.  By the age of 19, I was Commissioned  as an young Officer in the Signal Corps of Canada. Act smartly, and obey and you to, can do what I'm doing now: fighting injustice in our Courts of Law.

IF you think your smart and expect people to say so... you are just a plain ignorant narcissist.
People will stop hiring you.