Monday, June 1

Dyslexic Jackie Stewart - Racing Superstar Tackles Dyslexia

Superstar Tackles Dyslexia

15% of the population has this gift from God.

I did very well in School and at 19 became a Military Officer (Signal Corps) in Canada. I knew I was different and I still am: I believe in Christ!
Both ways of thinking, allow us to see More.
In High School; even the Bullies were afraid of my power.
And I still invent more ideas and sell my
"Know-How" for real money. 
We all can  use this gift: wisely.

When I hear a sudden noise; like a car backfiring, I do jump to attention. I learned this in Basic Training.
Some Shrinks think this Post Trauma Stress Disorder. Keep soldiers with this gift out of the noxious noise, or bring Christ back now.
We can also dismiss the word "Bi-Polar"
Use these men and women to do the thinking we need at the highest levels of organizations!