Sunday, November 22

Don..and the Products He designed - Gifts from God.

Every skill I learned came from God !

Emergency Lighting Units -
Single units and very large ones

Don at a Prison inspecting....
the work he did to manufacture
prison cells - made in Montreal -
This prison was in Kentucky
I have many more to come.
Finding them on my computer is not fun.

I know they are there. I be back soon with my Prison cell Manufacturing Designs and even more. And a Drum manufacturing Plant - One drum every 5 seconds. 45 gallon Drum

My Machine Shop and my Studios.

Everything I was able to do... "God" my Father, found a way to show me how... or not to do it!

The Flexible Arm for Hospital Beds 

The parts for the TV arm

I propose to you....
That this way of thinking become a Geometry Axiom;
Let us call this axiom....“God”


Lighting [Architectural] Parts


Architectural Ceilings -
At a Tim Hortons in Montreal West Island

Don wasn't Lonely
at this time - the 50's and 60's

An Architectural lighted ceiling. - Toronto 1958.

Even more God gave Don to do.
That is the way God works !
Showing Good Managers
To even be better managers

Don married an Angel,
Denise a manager, who gave him 2 smart children;
Don, showed them everything that could be done,
if they followed Gods commandments.

Did they follow them. ?

Two little smart...  Devils - Not what Don expected

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