Wednesday, January 27

The Conscious Mind – The greatest mystery we can now explore.

Hello to my friends, who are  watching now.
We are like a flock it seems to me.

I was thinking and looking for reasons why one should live. Hugging or Mugging all in between.
This came into my mind.
It is a thing we can measure.
The Conscious Mind – the greatest mystery we can now explore.

It does change the way do things with our hands.

And control the throttle of passion. Even romantic.
And it can be measured in many ways.
We measure its effects now, On sites, we need not climb
But allows us to “text” each other; And to share with curious on looker's. Who influence each other. 

There are millions we Can count and question
And receive replies from.
Many more ways of connecting now!
We can talk and reason logically with each other.
And if we go public, beyond our family;
It seems like the numbers of helping hands
Grow; if we are genuinely kind.

I've been helped by so many minds I’ve met, via the internet. I’m 81 and living alone and my greatest help seems to come...  more from younger People with “spiritual-genius-hearts”
Whose hands I have never touched.

My elderly friends are diminishing now,
But living longer.
My hands are empty, I'm lonely,
But my "spiritual-
genius-heart” has brought me 8 Followers and 108, 601 views.
A fact counted by Google.

Now (January 27, 2016 I have over  200 followers! 
And with this new infinitely deep and wide Awareness of people;  I find infinite things to build.
And infinite reasons for living and growing more Happiness on my small island of Heavens here on Earth.

I no-longer have that Garden, I'm sad to say.
My family destroyed it without my approval.

God gave this to me, these weird thoughts.
It seems like a power is flowing in.
An infinite source, of Power.
But, God tells us we must have reasons to live or live with....

[11:13 PM  -  28 June 2014 Saturday   -  Don Wesley 1933]