Monday, February 22

Letting go of the masculine 'name' God !

Letting go of the masculine 'name' God !

Letting go of God ~ by Julia Sweeney [(God Said, "Ha!"]

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2007.

Julia Sweeney performs the first 15 minutes of her 2006 solo show Letting Go of God. When two young Mormon missionaries knock on her door one day, it touches off a quest to completely rethink her own beliefs.


I, Don Wesley [1933] watched this performance by Julia, not long after I was forced to live in my automobile, rather than live in my Home, which is still a 'Holy Home' for over 40 years. Here is a picture my ex-home, It is where I need to live!  Will Miss Justice correct Her error? The chances have improved now in 2016. My Home must now have Ghosts living in it.
Return this Holy Home to God and his tiny caretaker Don!

and here is the automobile I lived in until last year 2015.
This damn earthy vehicle , from Hell, I had to live-in, even when the temperature dropped below the Freezer level.

I think this car is a living creature, with a very long life.
But it  also looks like a Funeral vehicle?

It took the Devils Evil lie with a Judges' signed Order, to authorize my local Police Officers, to Bully me out of the property which I grew organically  to be where I would live until death delivered  me to Heavens' Gates. 

My Mom blessed this Family Home and declared to be Holy.  All my family believed in God, believing I was the Devil Himself, who gave them everything they wanted here on Earth. I always reminded them, that what I gave them were Gods gifts to me, their Father, who would give to those in Need. They reasoned that they were the needy.

I Prayed with my children every night and now realize that I spoiled them, never hit them, but gave them more than they needed.

What others had that I didn't get for them: they borrowed with no intention, of  returning  the loan ~ never giving back the to lender: Why?

Number Two - The Psychiatrist now.

Number One - the only to Marry

Both my lovers Family and Mine

Number 3 - One more genius
My Mother watched Big Michael \who was a bully and kept growing into an Adult Bully. He even thought he could win this game we were playing.

Number 2s' Son

Number 1 again

Numbers 3 and 2 again

2 and 3 again with Dad (me)

While living in my 'Black car' I had every meal
I needed to survive,
in Tim Hortons where everyone knows
 I believe in God. Why the difference?
We all need to know.
I'm telling you My Story.
Other people can try to develop their own Fairy Tale.
Who will Mrs. Justice declare who is lying ?
There is a 'Denouement'  on the way.

 An Ending... but not the 'Denouement' 

So now back to listen to part of
Julia Sweeney and Her wise performance.

Until soon!
Don (Dad) again

and Mom.
Still Denise Wesley,
caught in that Name by Law!


What is coming next.....Evelyn Glennie ~ How to truly listen