Monday, March 21

God only could write the DNA Algebra

How DNA Killed Evolutionism 

Uploaded on May 4, 2012
The existence of DNA has proven evolution false and proven both Intelligent Design and Special Creation to be true. It is impossible for evolution to happen or be true because of what genetics has revealed. The reason evolutionists do not give up defending evolutionism despite modern scientific knowledge is because they are dedicated to the materialist idea that they have no creator God to answer to and are not guilty of sin. The evolution theory became prominant in science because certain men of the early 19th century performed a coup in the scientific community by publicly ridiculing men of science who believed in creation, who were the majority at the time, and covertly appointing believers in evolution to key seats in universities and science associations. Among these men were Charles Lyell and others who formed the X-Club for the purpose of displacing creation believers with evolution believers in science circles. This clandestine protection of evolutionism has continued to this day, and it is very difficuly and often impossible, depending upon the university, for anyone who does not belive in the falacy of evolution to become hired as a professor. The opinion of the world public has never fully accepted evolutionism, and the number of it's believers is dwindling because of what science has revealed since the days of Charles Darwin. Eventually, evolutionism will be relegated to history as the greatest and most fervently protected hoax of all time.

Evolution is an ancient religious concept, originating in Dagon and other "gods" who supposedly created man from fish, and picked up again by humanists in the 18th century seeking a logical reason to deny the existance of God in rebellion to His moral law. The basic tenants of evolution such as Natural Selection as a mechanism for evolution were put forth by Greek philosophers in a day when man had little scientific knowledge and before the idea of scientific investigation by observation and testing was concieved. Thales of Miletus put forth the idea that water itself brought forth life, just as the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians did. Anaximander put forth the idea that all things consisted of fire and water, and this brought forth the universe from nothing - an idea that is known now to be impossible without a supernatural cause. He also said animals came out of the sea and diversified - a claim still held today by evolutionists with thier idea that fish evolved into land animals.Democritus claimed the universe was occilating - exploded and imploded continuously - an idea known false by modern astronomy but clung to by evolutionists until Hubble disproved it in the early 20th century. The classification scheme evolutionists apply to life originated with Aristotle, who believed life evolved into various forms from some original form. Humanist god denialist philosophers of the 18th century, picked up the ideas of the ancients thinking they would provide an excuse for denying God, and other humanist attempted to claim that science supported these ancient, false ideas. Evolutionism has never been science or scientific. It is a package of ancient ideas to which modern humanists have attempted to force science to conform.