Friday, May 27

Food in Canada During World War II

At 8, we were the men in the home. I did everything and was known as the smartest kid in the neighborhood. I got things done very quickly.

I was a kid during the war.
And getting a meal, meant preparing it for yourself and the younger children than yourself; who you took care of.
The women worked in factories making bullets.

The men went to war or hid, working on farms.

Published on May 13, 2015
On the eve of World War Two, new research methods were finding that most Canadians were malnourished. When Canada entered the war, the federal government took unprecedented steps to influence what Canadians ate, so the country would have strong soldiers abroad and reliable workers at home. Ian Mosby, author of "Food Will Win the War," tells Steve Paikin why food was considered so important to Canadians during the Second World War.