Saturday, June 4

Communities like Tim Hortons - Many Spiritual Meetings Happen

Communities like Tim Hortons - Many Spiritual Meetings Happen

I chatted and asked 4 OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] if they would help me,  if I asked them for Help.

I want to thank all our police officers for the good work they do for "us"!

This tiny story happened a few weeks ago. It is a true story that maybe forgotten and die rather than live and grow as a living entity will.

This is just me, little Don, putting this little story on my tiny INN Blog.
Please notice the size of my underwear.
Big enough to take the heat of the
War-of-Culture clashes.

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I'm an older Grandfather now.
I still can pee and I'm really good with thinking problems
through to their rightful answer.   

Tonight (1:05 AM) at Tim Hortons in Winchester, Ontario I finished eating my Chilli Supper and Coffee with a Bagel.
Katie was there and had just served and warned me.... that interior car light was still on.... Thank you Katie  K8.

Then I casually walked toward 4 OPP Officers' at a table, and engaged all in a little conversation about changes to the Criminal Laws in Canada. They were all very pleasant officers waiting to make arrests of all kinds. False arrests by officers seem to be something back in my days when I was in my 20's.

Given the changes in this book of laws in 2013; I asked if they would assist Me to make my own arrest? I had told them how in 1951, I assisted an OPP officer to make an arrest of two teenaged kids who stole their fathers' car!

Back to the important part this tiny story.... one Officer was certain that they would not. He asked for my name and where I lived. I willingly gave him what He wanted to know. Why, did he think I was crazy?

I disagreed with his miss-interpretation of the changes to the law [where he meant a citizen arrest] and we all smiled and I parted.

My intention was to see if they really knew the laws of Canada.
I left with impression that 3 were uncertain.

In my chat, I mentioned three key words, embezzlement, fraud and conspiracy.
The same certain-minded Officer said "you must go back to Montreal if it is Fraud or get yourself a lawyer. He overlook two important words. I told them all....  I tried everything with all the police officers in Quebec, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal and the RCMP in Canada; all refused [apparently] to be cooperative with an old man who was being "abused" by his family: Psychologically, financially and even more.
One veteran RCMP criminal investigator for Service Canada, told me in April on day 3, 2014, that my case was one of embezzlement. This message he delivered to me in Tim Hortons at about 2;00AM. He also said the case was before the Crown Attorney. All this cost me [now a very poor old man] $0.00.

The conclusion up to this moment is that .... all my Rights to protection of property and belongings have disappeared as if into dust like the 9-11 towers. There another seldom used law... quite old... which remains to be  used.
To give a greater understanding and needed balancing to my unjust treatment before courts of law please enjoy watching the following lesson.
Before you leap into intuition and out of logic... hear this from little me "I was born on Easter Monday, April 17, 1933.
On 48 Hours [USA] TV they reported that Jesus' birthday, was not December 25; it was April 17 - 6 BC.
I a very kind man who gives "comfort" freely if you accept it !