Thursday, September 22

So called Christians who aren't Christians 

October 15 is the day I'll move into my new Home. ~ I'll have the company of God and Jesus!
Don ......   "What is Hell, and who is Satan?"

Homeless again, but God and Jesus live in me right now.

It is now November 22, 2015 and I now have my own Home. I followed Gods commands.; and He delivers

So called Christians who aren't Christians 

Monica Dennington explains this reality I am living in now; best of all at this point in History. After watching Monica, .... take in this extra lesson about Hell.

Homelessness is not Hell.
I feel happy now.
And ..... I know the whole universe is electric !

But those in Hell are feeling the opposite way: without God.
Jesus is finding me a new Home now. He and God live in me: I follow Gods commands. Ever since I was one or two.

After watching these two lessons; tell everyone which is best: living with  God or Satan?

Now:  spread the news throughout the World.
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