Monday, November 7

Unconscious Bias (Blind spots) and bad decisions.

November 7, 2016  05:45 AM
Since 1995, I have studied “Spiritual Psychology”
It's available in Canada, Scotland and America.
Don Wesley (1933 - )

Hillary cares about the planet and all nations.
Trump cares only about the USA.

Those who support him, have an unconscious Bias; they don’t recognize:
They think America is the Greatest. 

Hillary, is a female lawyer:
Those who dislike her, have an unconscious  Bias:
They think all lawyers should only be“Men”

My bias was, disliking Bullies: Is Donald Trump a Bully?
At 10 years of age, I became a Man: Prier to 10; I was an “Apprentice Man”.
At 17 I joined the COTC, to become a defender of, victims of Bully Persons or Nations.
I Graduated as a Commissioned Military Officer: Queen Elizabeth is the Supreme Commander.
Canadian Officers Training Corp. (COTC)

I have learned and stopped using only my 'Ego"

“Spiritual Psychology”

We do make wrong decisions; and behave using them.

"Unconscious Bias"