Monday, June 5

The Catholic Church I was married in  ~ April 11, 1964

The Catholic Church I was married in

I have wonderful memories

I was married in this Church - April 11, 1964 to Denise Prevost.
She became Denise Wesley and spoke English very well after a few weeks with me in Montreal: I am Protestant.  We have two boys; Steven and Michael.

Jews weren't welcomed in Sainte Agathe, in the 1940s

My Brother in Law - Peter  Canepari was there.
Serge Holoduke -  The most clever employee I had.
My Sister - Eleanor Canepari was there with our Mother Helen Wesley. Mom and I danced at the luncheon, celebrating our marriage.

I think Peter and Claudia were there.
My number 1 son; Christopher was there.