Sunday, November 30

Evil is everywhere and injustice, it’s victims and suffering are its entrails.

Brought forward by me, Don Wesley December 1, 2014.

November 26, 2011, 3:27am
My Dear Old Pal Vic

Thanks for your find of Morris on Forbes.
Morris and Diamond were partners in Intalite. Intalite grew out of Integrated Lighting and Weslite, both companies which I created. There is little I can do about what happened in this business disaster for me.
My lawyer, Clive V. Allen, left his firm and Charles Emery took over. He, Emery dealt with Diamond’s lawyer who was Yionne Goldstein, who made a big error, which Chuck Emery took advantage of. Emery then screwed me out $35,000.00. Emery was the communist.
Emery paid $20,000.00 to me in cash cheque. I used that money plus what I had to buy 6 Hazel Drive.
Emery mis-managed up my case with Zingone, which Clive had down pat. This is all history now. Just based upon what Yionne Goldstein did to me at the time, he could have lost license to practice law. He became a Senator and is now back in law. He was a friend to Diamond. I met all these guys face to face many many times. All except Clive, used lies to win. If Allen and I had continued our relationship, I would be a very wealthy man. Clive wrote my marriage contract with Denise. That marriage contract makes it very clear that 6 Hazel Drive is my property. Add to the list of “evil-tactics” professionals: Izzonie and Ferreira.
As a young businessman, I truly thought one could trust professionals to play by the rules; rules I could win by[given my extra knowledge of science]
Finding out that I could not trust a professional’s logic nor his facts made me realize that Evil is everywhere and injustice, it’s victims and suffering are its entrails. All these guys came from clubs/families with “evil-tactics” knowledge not available to me, at that time in my life.
I had it good, because I was good; then the devil appeared, and I knew the story in “The Book of Job” and the meaning of “To be or not To be” in “Hamlet.” Doug Lunan, my Teacher of Literature, at Montreal High School had prepared me very well; I aced the final exam to everyone’s surprise. Math and Science were my other strong points.
Doug Lunan knew my Mother and my story well.
The Jewish Community knew my strengths and weaknesses very early on. Stan Diamond made certain of that before he went on to the Harvard Business School, following Stephen Jarislowsky, Norman Keesal, and Bud Scheffler. Bud revealed to me that he was an employee of the CIA.
It was Bud who hired me just after I became an Officer in RCCS [Signal Corp.] Jarislowsky was a seller of information, to a U.S. Firm. You make the connection.
My sister Eleanor Canepari, became aware of my association with Dual-Lite in Connecticut. I created and manufactured a full line of Emergency Lighting System products, while President of Integrated Lighting Limited. Jarislowsky and Diamond, stole that manufacturing operation from me. I also left Integrated without being paid my commission for the 12 Diefenbaker Bomb Shelters[Lighting] which I negotiated with the Federal Government and Canadian General Electric at the the time. Serge Holoduke, a friend and employee worked on at Integrated after I reluctantly sold out my shares to Diamond and Jarislowsky. Serge worked for me again when I created Weslite Inc. Jarislowsky sold his minority shares Integrated Lighting shorty after I left; realizing a huge profit. He bought his home in Westmount soon afterwards.
You can imagine where my wealth went.

Oh what a story I could tell. I will save this email as a note to my Diary in my INNJUSTICE BLOG. This is my history and no one will take that away from me! ? With all this information in my blog, it will be interesting to see the stats from who visits my web site in the near future.
Don [From The Silent Generation - 1930's]
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