Tuesday, February 3

Better to see God - Winchester, Ontario at the Anglican Church.

I love the Dark when we can see God;  and when we want to really get to know Him.

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I'm here... because I believe this soul-mate..

It is 28 below Zero.
But I feel His Comfort.
This is a new building... only one year old and all lit up.
And only a 20 minute drive from the
Mighty St. Lawrence River.
And less than 50 minutes to the Capital of Canada.
Maybe we should say Winchester is the Bible Town, with one only Tim Hortons.
Winchester seems to be loaded with sincere believers in God. It is where you find people in action and not drinking beer. Coffee is enough to get them up and going. You can see a Team of Excellent Coffee Movers at Tim Hortons using Arabian Coffee beans.

Who dares to say.... Gods life is not so very interesting to study?
Winchester is a small Ontario Town with Glowing believers and Coffee lovers at Tim Hortons who sip their Coffee with His Comfort at their table side-side.