Sunday, March 15

Family, the best type to live in - (Living in a well managed Family, designed by an Intelligent Mind)

Family, the best type to live in; is the one first designed by our creator. ?
An inventor designed the wheel and it works very well... on roads.

My mother raised me by herself, with the help of my brother and sister.
My mom's invention worked pretty well; however I never learned to manage a family where the "male father" was the boss.

I raised three boys who never argued with each other. However they did scheme and fool their father (me). They used methods called fraud, together with their Mother.

Well now, looking back over other newly invented families, I can easily see....  their inventions are like square wheels. Our creators' invention of the round wheel is the best. Square wheels need elevators to work up and down only.

Coming up next - Family Homes rather than Rooming Houses!
What a difference "One Word" makes (Home vs. House)
Homelessness is torture and a House is where you pay rent to the owner.
Stay with me and I'll tell you about my story about Homelessness and no Family near by to help. A Home is where you pay no rent; but you do work to share the expenses of the home - Farm Like.