Sunday, March 15

A Family - Managing One or all the Families in Our world.

Two different situations!

Let me think awhile: Someone did testify how well I remolded groups of people into ones that worked extremely well.
His name was Serge Holoduke.
I was very depressed at that time: My wife of 45 years had just left me. I was considering leaving this messy world.

His wise words encouraged me and gave a reason to stay.... I had important work to do for everyone.

Here is what Serge said to me back then.....


From: Serge Holoduke
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 6:07 PM
To: Don Wesley
Subject: Re: A NEW WEEK...

I am glad that you refer to it as an experience. You of all people recognize that it is our experiences that mould us, that make us who and what we are. Experiences give us the energy to drive ahead, to take adversity head on. Experiences prepare us for each day.
I know you well Don and, I know you are a man of great intellect and great vision. You gathered these together and built two companies that I had the privilege to belong to. I watched as you moulded both companies and the people within them to become successful enterprises. The people benefited from your leadership. I was one of those people.
So like me in many ways you are going through a new experience and I know that like me you will pass through the door to the other side and go on.
God bless you Mr. Wesley for all that you have and still pass on to me.

Serge Holoduke

Serge's words made me cry.
I was so wonderfully pleased to find people who believed in the powers that God gave me: To manage people into refreshed groups with new ideas and reasons for living - Heaven is here now....  in little Islands of people. We just have to grow them bigger... minute by minute and then second by second...... [end]