Monday, November 2

All matter and life is electrically involved ~ What makes life so diffident?

All matter and life is electrically involved? This includes all the rocks we see around us. What makes life so different?

Let every new day, be the start to this mystery of who/what is God.
I believe He is real and with us now...

This exciting news...

Look at the question as an automobile: It runs on gas... but it takes an electric battery to start the engine. Once the engine is started... You can drive it...
But, closer to the beginning, of even starting the car.... every thing is made of electrons which are electro-magnetic balls. They live together but stay apart.  Even more and smaller energetic things are being found!

Light is also involved... it travels like waves on water.. never stopping, even if it collides with another wave.

Take a look and listen to this next video and be amazed... and see where God might be found. He is still a mystery to be seen with our eyes: Is He human-like? Is there someone who is even more human-like?
Who knows? Did he send His Son Christ, to reveal his secrets or did he send His Daughter; as Monica  Dennington?

Who Knows; keep exploring together as one!