Friday, June 2

There are no "Tribes of Terrorists" as Trump Tweets about ?

"Tribes of Terrorists" as Trump Tweets about

There are Individuals who do scare us however: My Wife Denise did scare me.

In 2008, at the age of 70 she left me; it was December 24.
I was 77; I discovered what 'abused Souls' looked like and how they behaved:
The psycho therapists call it a comorbid mental disease
Borderline Personality Disease [BPD]

This is Denise and Me when we were much younger... 

She was very determined then
And had a lust for money - Greed!
Bellow she is much older

I will connect more dots about Anti-Social Souls - very soon

It is now past soon!

Both Denise and Mr. Trump have this Mental Disorder

This psychotherapist explains